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The Nature of Law: Philosophical Issues in Conceptual Jurisprudence and Legal Theory (University Casebook Series)

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Edition: 1st ed., 2011
Author(s): Himma


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Product Description

The Nature of Law: Philosophical Issues in Conceptual Jurisprudence and Legal Theory is the most up-to-date comprehensive survey of the best work in analytic jurisprudence from Austin to the present, including contributions from the latest generation's brightest legal theorists. It begins with the earliest writings in natural law theory and positivism, tracing the history of the debate through the Hart-Fuller and Hart-Dworkin disputes to the current debates. The last third of the volume is devoted to the most influential papers on the hottest contemporary issues.

The approach is analytic and hands-on. It seeks to motivate interest in foundational questions of law while simultaneously developing the skills the aspiring lawyer must have to succeed in the practice of law. To develop the student's ability to theorize on questions in analytic jurisprudence by providing a firm historical foundation before immersing her in the contemporary debates, where she will participate in the conversation.

The book improves on existing text offerings in a number of respects. It provides the most comprehensive view of the field. The analytic approach is ascendant among researchers in law schools and philosophy departments worldwide who study the issues covered in this text. Accordingly, it is fair to say that this book provides, far and away, the most up-to-date and accurate snapshot of the work being done in conceptual issues regarding law ï¾– so much so that it is suitable for use as a sourcebook for beginning research. Unlike the methodology of 'continental philosophy,' the analytic methodology used in all the essays in this text employs the very same skills that a young lawyer is expected to have, and will deepen the law studentsï¾’ argumentative and verbal abilities.


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Format Hardcover
Author Himma
ISBN 9781599414119
Edition 1st ed., 2011
Publisher West