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Scientific Evidence in Civil and Criminal Cases (University Casebook Series)

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Edition: 6th ed., 2013
Author(s): Moenssens; DesPortes; Edwards


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Product Description

Scientific Evidence in Civil and Criminal Cases is an authoritative work that has defined and shaped scientific evidence for four decades. The single source, definitive reference for scholars, practicing attorneys, and judges; it covers both the critical topics in the law and the scientific disciplines most frequently encountered in the courtroom. Established capabilities and existing limitations of forensic science methodologies are explained, and controversial and emerging issues in both the forensic science community and the legal system are discussed. For each discipline, the standards and qualifications of experts are presented along with the current status of admissibility and applicable evidentiary law.

This practical working resource begins with a section on the evolving status of forensic science and evidentiary law. Effective demonstrative evidence for presenting scientific evidence is also discussed. Drawing upon extensive case references and current research articles, the book includes such topics and disciplines as forensic accounting, digital forensics, document examination, firearms and toolmarks, fires and explosives, fingerprints, trace evidence, pathology, anthropology, odontology, serology and toxicology, DNA, voice recognition, accident and crime scene reconstruction, drugs and alcohol, and speeding, and concludes with a comprehensive set of chapters on behavioral science and mental status evidence.

The following topics have been updated for this edition.

Expert Evidence and Testimony 
Demonstrative Evidence
Chemical and Other Tests for Alcohol Intoxication
Scientific Detection of Speeding – standards, photo speed enforcement, and ENRADD detection
Forensic Accounting – economic regulations since 2007, including the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the Fraud Enforcement Recovery Act; attorney-client privilege in financial cases
Forensic Computer Analysis
Forensic Document Examination – effects of health, age, and other factors on writing; the analysis of inks; NAS Report findings; resource materials
Firearm and Toolmark Identification
Fire Scene and Explosives Investigation
Fingerprint Identification – SWGFAST Standard Terminology; advances and scientific approaches to individualization; ACE-V methodology; further research; Post-Daubert approach to proving identity; NAS Report findings; resource materials
Trace Evidence
Spectrographic Voice Recognition – auditory, perceptual, acoustic phonetic and automated approaches to speech recognition
Forensic Accidence Reconstruction
Forensic Pathology
Serology and Toxicology of Body Fluids
Drugs and their Control
Forensic DNA Analysis
Forensic Odontology
Forensic Anthropology
Behavioral Sciences and the Law
Expert Evidence on Insanity and other Mental health Conditions
Expert Evidence on Witness Accuracy and Detection of Deception
Behavioral Evidence in Proceedings Involving Children and Families




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Format Hardcover
Author Moenssens; DesPortes; Edwards
ISBN 9781609300661
Edition 6th ed., 2013
Publisher West