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Schechter and Thomas' Hornbook on Intellectual Property Law of Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks

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Edition: 1st ed., 2003
Author(s): Schechter, Thomas


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Product Description

This Schechter and Thomas' Hornbook on Intellectual Property Law of Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks provides a comprehensive treatment of all three major branches of intellectual property law, surveying basic principles and emerging issues. The book summarizes what is clear, identifies what is unsettled, and offers concise views on how some open issues might be sensibly resolved. This text also deals with a variety of related intellectual property topics, including state laws governing the misappropriation of intangibles, state protection for the right of publicity and for trade secrets, and both federal and state rules concerning false advertising and deceptive trade practices. The authors use numerous examples to guide you through various technical areas.

Table of Contents includes:
Introduction to Intellectual Property;
Introduction to the Law of Copyright;
The Subject Matter of Copyright—Basic Requirements;
The Subject Matter of Copyright—Specific Categories of Protectable Works;
Publication and Formalities;
Ownership and Transfer of Copyright Interests;
The Exclusive Rights of a Copyright Holder;
Duration of Copyright Interests and Termination of Transfers;
Copyright Infringement;
The Fair Use Defense;
State Remedies Analogous to Copyright and Federal Preemption;
Copyright in the International Perspective;
Introduction to the Law of Patents;
Patent Eligibility;
The Patent Instrument;
Patent Prosecution;
Patent Infringement;
Equitable Defenses to Patent Infringement;
Remedies for Patent Infringement;
Patent Law in International Perspective;
Trade Secret Law;
Introduction to the Law of Trademarks;
Acquiring Trademark Rights;
The Distinctiveness Requirement and Issues of Trademark Validity;
Protection for Trade Dress and Other Unconventional Trademarks;
Trademark Infringement, Counterfeiting and False Advertising;
Trademark Dilution Fair Use, Other Affirmative Defenses and Remedies;
Trademark Assignments and Licensing;
Trademarks on the Internet;
International Aspects of Trademark Protection.


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Format Hardcover
Author Schechter, Thomas
ISBN 9780314065995
Edition 1st ed., 2003
Publisher West