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Religion and the Constitution

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Edition: 4th ed., 2016
Author(s): McConnell, Garvey, Berg


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Product Description

Religion and the Constitution, written by a team of well-known Constitutional Law scholars, thoughtfully examines the relationship between government and religion within the framework of the U.S. Constitution. This classroom-tested casebook is suitable for courses in Religious Liberty, Religion and the Constitution, or Religious Institutions and the Law.

Completely updated with discussions of recent important cases and includes expanded discussion of key topic areas. 

Professors McConnell, Garvey, and Berg bring years of experience and insight to teaching students about Religion and the Constitution: 
•    Broad recurring themes place current debate in context: 
•    Free exercise of religion in the face of government regulation 
•    Government financial assistance to religious institutions 
•    The role of religion in government institutions, such as schools 
•    Notes and questions connect constitutional and religious history with current constitutional issues
•    The combination of notes and problems allows both depth of understanding and application of knowledge to new issues
•    The interrelation between free exercise and establishment clauses is examined and thoroughly explained
•    Historical background materials judiciously integrated with current constitutional issues provide students with the context that facilitates deeper understanding
•    Lightly edited cases promote in-depth case analysis

•    Increased focus on the current areas of controversy in the church-state field, with particular emphasis on helping students to think critically about modern real-world issues
•    A reorganized and reenergized chapter on the free exercise of religion, which includes the Supreme Court’s recent decisions in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, Hosanna-Tabor v. EEOC, and Holt v. Hobbs, as well as important contemporary lower-court cases like Elane Photography and Spencer v. World Vision. Consolidated Establishment Clause chapters that include more focus on modern disputed questions, like its restructured section examining the propriety and constitutionality of “strings” on government aid to religious institutions


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Format Hardcover
Author McConnell, Garvey, Berg
ISBN 9781454868262
Edition 4th ed., 2016
Publisher Aspen Publishing