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High Court Case Summaries: Contracts

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Edition: 2014, keyed 9th ed. casebook
Author(s): Fuller, Eisenberg casebook


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Product Description

If you're looking for a study guide that will correllate with your particular law school casebook, look no further than West's High Court Case Summaries series!

This High Court: Contracts (keyed to the Fuller textbook) provides case summaries on contract law, examining procedural basis, facts, issues, decisions, and rationale. Convenient memory aids include headnotes, instant facts, black-letter rules, case vocabulary, and graphics. Each chapter begins with an introduction of its concepts presented in simple terms, and an alphabetical table of cases is provided.

Features and Benefits:
Allows fast, easy, and on-point research;
Extensive summaries of High Court cases on contract law;
Discusses procedural basis, facts, issues, decisions, and rationale;
Provides headnotes, instant facts, black-letter rules, case vocabulary, and graphics;
Includes an alphabetical Table of Cases.

Table of Contents includes:
Introduction & Donative Promises, Forms and Reliance;
The Bargain Principle and Its Limits;
Past Consideration;
The Limits of Contract;
An Introduction to Contract Damages;
The Expectation Measure;
Specific Cases;
The Reliance and Restitution Measures;
An Introduction to Interpretation;
The Mechanics of a Bargain: Offer and Revocation;
The Mechanics of a Bargain: Transacting by Correspondence;
The Mechanics of a Bargain: Modes of Acceptance;
Implied-in-Law, Implied-in-Fact, Unilateral Contracts;
Preliminary Negotiations, Indefiniteness, Good Faith;
The Parol Evidence Rule;
Contract Formation in a Form-Contract Setting;
Interpretation, Unconscionability in a Form-Contract Setting;
The Effect of Changed Circumstances;
Third-Party Beneficiaries;
Assignment and Negotiation;
The Obligation to Perform In Good Faith;
The Doctrine of Substantial Performance;
Express Conditions;
Breach and Response;
Anticipatory Breach, Prospective Inability, Adequate Assurance.

Cases Covered:
Dougherty v. Salt; Schnell v. Nell; Kirksey v. Kirksey; Feinberg v. Pfeiffer Co.; D & G Stout, Inc. v. Bacardi Imports, Inc.; Hamer v. Sidway; Hancock Bank & Trust Co. v. Shell Oil Co.; Batsakis v. Demotsis; Williams v. Walker-Thomas Furniture Co.; Maxwell v. Fidelity Financial Services, Inc.; Scott v. Moragues Lumber Co.; Wickham & Burton Coal Co. v. Farmers' Lumber Co.; Wood v. Lucy, Lady Duff-Gordon; Grouse v. Group Health Plan, Inc.; Slattery v. Wells Fargo Armored Service Corp.; Lingenfelder v. Wainwright Brewery Co.; Foakes v. Beer; Austin Instrument, Inc. v. Loral Corp.; Austin Instrument, Inc. v. Loral Corporation; McMahon Food Corp. v. Burger Dairy Co.; Angel v. Murray; Clark v. West; Mills v. Wyman; Webb v. McGowin; Webb v. McGowin; In re the Marriage of Witten; T.F. v. B.L.; Hawkins v. McGee; United States Naval Institute v. Charter Communications, Inc.; Coppola Enterprises, Inc. v. Alfone; Louise Caroline Nursing Home, Inc. v. Dix Construction Co.; Peevyhouse v. Garland Coal & Mining Co.; Aiello Construction, Inc. v. Nationwide Tractor Trailer Training and Placement Corp.; Egerer v. CSR West, LLC; Delchi Carrier SpA v. Rotorex Corp.; KGM Harvesting Co. v. Fresh Network; Neri v. Retail Marine Corp.; Rockingham County v. Luten Bridge Co.; Shirley MacLaine Parker v. Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp.; Hadley v. Baxendale; Kenford Co. v. Erie County; Valentine v. General American Credit, Inc.; Wasserman's Inc. v. Township of Middletown; London Bucket Co. v. Stewart; Walgreen Co. v. Sara Creek Property Co.; Laclede Gas Co. v. Amoco Oil Co.; Security Stove & Mfg. Co. v. American Ry. Express Co.; Osteen v. Johnson; United States v. Algernon Blair, Inc.; Kutzin v. Pirnie; Lucy v. Zehmer; Raffles v. Wichelhaus; Frigaliment Importing Co. v. B.N.S. Intern. Sales Corp.; Embry v. Hargadine, McKittrick Dry Goods Co.; MCC-Marble Ceramic Center, Inc. v. Ceramica Nuova d'Agostino; Mayol v. Weiner Companies, Ltd; Haines v. New York; Spaulding v. Morse; Foxco Industries, Ltd. v. Fabric World, Inc.; Lonergan v. Scolnick; Lefkowitz v. Great Minneapolis Surplus Store; Akers v. J. B. Sedberry, Inc.; Ardente v. Horan; Dickinson v. Dodds; Ragosta v. Wilder; Drennan v. Star Paving; Klockner v. Green; Carlill v. Carbolic Smoke Ball Co.; Bishop v. Eaton; International Filter Co. v. Conroe Gin, Ice & Light Co.; Polaroid Corp. v. Rollins Environmental Services (NJ), Inc.; Holman Erection Co. v. Orville E. Madsen & Sons, Inc.TT; Phillips v. Moor; Vogt v. Madden; Cole-McIntyre-Norfleet Co. v. Holloway; Nursing Care Services v. Dobos; Day v. Caton; Bastian v. Gafford; Wagenseller v. Scottsdale Memorial Hospital; Academy Chicago Publishers v. Cheever; Channel Home Centers, Division of Grace Retail Corp. v. Grossman; Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America v. Tribune Co.; Hoffman v. Red Owl Stores, Inc.; Mitchill v. Lath; Masterson v. Sine; Hunt Foods and Industries, Inc. v. Doliner; Steuart v. McChesney; Pacific Gas & Electric Co. v. G.W. Thomas Drayage & Rigging Co.; Nanakuli Paving and Rock Co. v. Shell Oil Co.; Gardner Zemke Co. v. Dunham Bush, Inc.; Diamond Fruit Growers, Inc. v. Krack Corp.; ProCD, Inc. v. Zeidenberg; Chateau Des Charmes Wines Ltd. v. Sabate USA Inc.; Specht v. Netscape Communications Corp.; Register.com, Inc. v. Verio, Inc.; Sardo v. Fidelity & Deposit Co.; Weaver v. American Oil Co.; Darner Motor Sales v. Universal Underwriters; Donovan v. RRL Corp.; Travelers Ins. Co. v. Bailey; Sherwood v. Walker; Griffith v. Brymer; Lenawee County Board of Health v. Messerly; Hill v. Jones; Taylor v. Caldwell; United States v. Wegematic Corp.; Transatlantic Financing Corporation v. United States; Albre Marble & Tile Co. v. John Bowen Co.; Missouri Public Service Co. v. Peabody Coal Co.; Alamance County Board of Education v. Bobby Murray Chevrolet, Inc.; Krell v. Henry; Lawrence v. Fox; Seaver v. Ransom.; Hale v. Groce; Scarpitti v. Weborg; Martinez v. Socoma Companies, Inc.; Copeland v. Beard; Rouse v. United States; Clapp v. Orix Credit Alliance, Inc.; Evening News Ass'n v. Peterson; Macke Co. v. Pizza of Gaithersburg, Inc.; Patterson v. Meyerhofer; Iron Trade Products Co. v. Wilkoff Co.; Best v. United States National Bank; Bloor v. Falstaff Brewing Corp.; Market Street Associates v. Frey; Jacob & Youngs v. Kent; Kreyer v. Driscoll; T.W. Oil, Inc. v. Consolidated Edison Co.; Oppenheimer & Co. v. Oppenheim, Appel, Dixon & Co.; Merritt Hill Vineyards v. Windy Heights Vineyard; Howard v. Federal Crop Insurance Corp.; Vanadium Corp. v. Fidelity & Deposit Co.; Morin Building Products Co. v. Baystone Construction, Inc.; Mattei v. Hopper; Koch v. Construction Technology, Inc.; Aetna Casualty and Surety Co. v. Murphy; Kanavos v. Hancock Bank & Trust Co.; K & G Construction Co. v. Harris; Walker & Co. v. Harrison; Hochster v. De La Tour; Wholesale Sand & Gravel, Inc. v. Decker; Oloffson v. Coomer; Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Co. v. Brookhaven Manor Water Co.; Norcon Power Partners v. Niagara Mohawk Power Corp.


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