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Examples & Explanations: Remedies

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Edition: 3rd ed., 2012
Author(s): Hasen


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Product Description

Examples and Explanations: Remedies will be a new student favorite with its tried-and-true Examples & Explanations format. This problem-oriented guide is designed and organized to complement any major remedies law school book and build student comprehension in a carefully constructed, step-by-step approach. It explains remedies policies and rules, and uses examples to show how lawyers and judges apply the rules to formulate concrete solutions to disputes.

Offering a logical and guided format, this is a valuable supplemental source. It:

Covers the areas included in most remedies courses, including damages, injunctions, and restitution, as well as other important topics such as declaratory judgments, punitive damages, and remedial defenses;
Builds student understanding step-by-step, moving from the basics to the more complex and allowing students to apply the law to particular fact patterns;
Allows students to study chapters in any order;
Demystifies the language of remedies using straightforward and student-friendly examples, charts, and illustrations;
Shows students how to do the math related to issues such as computing compensatory damages, present value, and constructive trusts;
Offers compatibility with all major remedies books, including those that approach remedies through public law and those that approach it through private law;
Remains the only book in the field to provide both black letter law and examples and answers to build student knowledge; the level of complexity builds as examples continue in each chapter;
Discusses major remedies cases (Hadley v. Baxendale; State Farm v. Campbell; Sullivan v. O'Connor), provides detailed coverage of the draft Restatement (Third) of Restitution, and gives detailed analyses of remedies issues under Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code.

Table of Contents includes:
Compensatory Damages;
Introduction to Damages: Show Me the Money;
Tort Damages;
Contract Damages;
The Unusual: Expectancy Damages in Tort and Reliance Damages in Contract;
Assuring the Rightful Position: A Look at Certainty, Mitigation, Offsetting Benefits, and the Collateral Source Rule;
Injunctions and Other Equitable Remedies: Stop Me Before I Harm (Again)!;
Advanced Topics in Injunctions;
Preliminary Injunctions and Other Preliminary Relief;
Enforcing the Injunction: The Power of Contempt;
No Gain, No Pain: Restitution and the Unjust Enrichment Principle;
Unjust Enrichment: Measuring Ill-Gotten Gains and Apportioning Profits;
Advanced Topics in Restitution: Constructive Trusts, Equitable Liens, and Other Restitutionary Remedies;
Rescission and Reformation;
Dishing It Out: Punitive Damages and Their Constitutional Limits;
Declaratory Judgments and Related Remedies;
More Ancillary Remedies;
Remedial Defenses;
Putting It All Together: Taking a Remedies Exam


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Format Paperback
Author Hasen
ISBN 9781454815501
Edition 3rd ed., 2012
Publisher Aspen Publishing