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Constitutional Criminal Procedure: From Investigation to Trial (American Casebook Series)

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Edition: 4th ed., 2005
Author(s): Johnson, Cloud


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This edition of Constitutional Criminal Procedure: From Investigation to Trial is carefully edited to provide broad coverage of the issues in a manageably sized casebook. The authors' commentaries provide students with background material and analysis to supplement the cases and statutory materials. Criminal Procedure is such a detailed subject, with such an enormous amount of case law, that it is very easy to become lost in the minutiae. This edition keeps the students' attention focused on the forest rather than the trees by introducing them to the "big picture" at the beginning, and then showing them how each detailed issue relates to the major themes.

Table of Contents includes:
An Overview of the Fourth Amendment;
The Development of the Exclusionary Rule From Weeks to Mapp;
Protected Places and Interests;
The Warrant Requirement;
Probable Cause and Particularity;
Detention and Search of the Person;
The Retreat From the Exclusionary Rule;
Entrapment and Outrageous Inducement;
The "Accusatorial" System of Justice;
The Right to Counsel and Equal Treatment;
Confessions From Brown to Miranda;
The Identification Cases;
The Post-Miranda Confession Cases;
The Plea Bargaining System;
Prosecutor and Grand Jury;
Pretrial Hearings and Motions;
Jury Selection and Trial;
Double Jeopardy.


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Format Hardcover
Author Johnson, Cloud
ISBN 9780314256607
Edition 4th ed., 2005
Publisher West