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Appellate Courts: Structures, Functions, Processes, and Personnel

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Edition: 2nd ed., 2006
Author(s): Meador, Baker, Steinman


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Product Description

Opinions of appellate courts collectively form the body of the common law, thus case law still looms large in American jurisprudence. To understand this body of law, it is imperative to understand how these tribunals function and the nature and limits of their authority. Ironically, appellate courts remain low-visibility institutions, with the exception of the U.S. Supreme Court. Studying appellate proceedings affords law students a deeper understanding and appreciation than most practicing attorneys possess except, perhaps, for the few who have served as clerks to appellate judges. This background and expertise will prove invaluable in the practice of law, since appellate opinions and processes govern how lawyers advise clients and argue cases—and determine what a trial judge can and cannot do—even when no appeal is ever taken in a given case.

Appellate Courts: Structures, Functions, Processes, and Personnel considers the structures, functions, processes, and personnel in the state and federal appellate courts. The casebook explores all the important themes, including: when, how, and by whom an appeal can be taken; the development of appellate jurisdictions and procedures; the scope and standards of review; lawmaking and rulemaking functions; the origins and responses to the crisis of docket volume; the selection of judges; effective and ethical advocacy; comparative law perspectives; the function of the Supreme Court; and the future of the American appellate court system.


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Format Hardcover
Author Meador, Baker, Steinman
ISBN 9780820570150
Edition 2nd ed., 2006
Publisher LexisNexis/Matthew Bender