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Understanding Series: Understanding White Collar Crime

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Edition: 3rd ed., 2012
Author(s): Strader


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Product Description

This Understanding White Collar Crime book provides a substantive overview of the principal federal white collar crimes. It also covers the basic principles of criminal law and criminal procedure necessary to an understanding of white collar crime. Primarily intended for students in White Collar Crime, Federal Criminal Law and Corporate Crime classes, the text should also prove useful to practitioners, judges, law clerks and scholars seeking an introduction to and an overview of the law in this area.

White collar crime is primarily based upon a complex set of statutes. This book provides the texts of the relevant statutes, along with analyses of the statutes' elements and requirements. Because many of these statutes are open to varying interpretations, the book also extensively discusses the main cases interpreting the statutes, including a large number of United States Supreme Court cases. Finally, the book discusses the significant enforcment policy issues that arise in white collar investigations and prosecutions, such as barriers and prosecutorial discretion.

Table of Contents includes:
Introduction to White Collar Crime;
Corporate and Individual Liability;
Mail fraud, Wire fraud and Related Offenses;
Securities Fraud;
Computer Crime;
Environmental Crime;
Bribery & Gratuities;
False Statements;
Obstruction of Justice;
Tax Crimes;
Currency Transaction Reporting Crimes;
Money Laundering;
Grand Jury Issues;
The Right Against Compelled Self-Incrimination;
Federal Sentences and Other Sanctions;

The Lexis-Nexis/Matthew Bender Understanding Series is reknowned among law students and legal practitioners for offering comprehensive treatments on over 30 legal topic areas. These books complement legal hornbooks to provide superlative legal reference tools.


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Format Paperback
Author Strader
ISBN 9781422496046
Edition 3rd ed., 2012
Publisher LexisNexis/Matthew Bender