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The Practice of Mediation: A Video-Integrated Text

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Edition: 2nd ed., 2012
Author(s): Frenkel, Stark


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Product Description

This exceptional, all-original book is the first to fully integrate text and video. It combines sophisticated textual analysis of the mediation process with a six-hour DVD illustrating the stages of the mediation process, the skills of effective mediators and the role of lawyers representing clients in the process. Designed for clinical or simulation courses, The Practice of Mediation: A Video-Integrated Text is sure to become the mediation skills text of choice.

This text is the ultimate integration of theory and practice in that:

Contains unscripted, high quality video depicting nine professional mediators, of different backgrounds and orientations, mediating three different disputes, with very different results;
The mediations depicted on the DVD — a child custody case, a small claims consumer dispute, and a premises liability suit filed by a tenant against his former landlord-are based on real cases, selected for their varied contexts and dispute characteristics;
The DVD illustrates a wide range of mediator and lawyer conduct and includes an extended comparative example of facilitative and evaluative mediation of the same matter.

Table of contents includes:

“So You Want to Study Mediation?” An Introduction to the Processes of Mediation and the Skills of Effective Mediators;
Basics of Negotiation Theory and Why Negotiations Fail;
The Role of the Mediator: Differing Approaches, Fundamental Norms;
Preparing to Mediate;
Mediation as a Structured Process;
Opening the Process, Developing Information;
Expanding Information to Aid the Negotiations;
Identifying and Framing Mediation Issues, Organizing an Agenda;
Generating Movement through Problem-Solving and Persuasion;
Conducting the Bargaining, Dealing with Impasse;
Concluding the Mediation;
The Ethics of Mediating;
Representing Clients in Mediation.


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Format Paperback
Author Frenkel, Stark
ISBN 9781454802198
Edition 2nd ed., 2012
Publisher Aspen Publishing