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United States and International Sales, Lease, and Licensing Law (Rental)

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Edition: 2nd ed., 2012
Author(s): Hull


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Product Description

Covering domestic and international sales, and the codes and practices that govern them, United States and International Sales, Lease, and Licensing Law is ideal as a text for standard sales courses as well as for those covering global issues as they relate to sales transactions. The text carefully combines cases and problems and clear explanations of the subject matter also ensure that students understand the basic principles before they dive into the problem-based material. A comprehensive and solid coverage of timely topics makes this an ideal choice for your course. Features include:

Background information on UCC Article 2 and the CISG;
Key issues in the order that a lawyer is likely to encounter them in practice: - Which law is applicable? - Has a contract been formed? - What are the terms of the contract? - Has the contract been performed? - If not, what are the available remedies for the injured party?;
Information on third parties involved in the sales transactions and the law governing their obligations;
Contemporary cases, closely edited to highlight the point under discussion. Includes such cases as Hill v. Gateway (contract formation), Medical Marketing International v. Internazionale Medico Scientifica (warranties under the CISG and confirmation of an arbitral award), MCC-Marble Ceramic Center v. Ceramica Nuova D'Agostino (parol evidence and the CISG), Zabriskie Chevrolet v. Smith (contract performance under the UCC), Delchi Carrier SpA v. Rotorex Corp. (remedies under the CISG), Chatlos Systems v. National Cash Register (calculation of damages under the UCC), Robinson Helicopter Company v. Dana Corporation (availability of tort remedies), and Specht v. Netscape Communications Corp. (contract formation in licensing transaction over the Internet);
The unamended UCC Article 2 and demonstrates areas where the amendments, if adopted, will change the law;
References to both unrevised and revised UCC Article 1.

Topics covered include:

Choice of Law;
Contract Formation;
Contract Terms: Warranties of Title and Quality;
Other Contract Terms, Interpretation, and Unconscionability,
Performance, Breach, and Excuse;
Buyer's Remedies & Seller's Remedies;
Third Parties Involved in the Sales.


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Format Hardcover
Author Hull
ISBN 9780735507142
Edition 2nd ed., 2012
Publisher Aspen Publishing