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Federal Antitrust Law: Cases and Materials (Rental)

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Edition: 2nd ed., 2002
Author(s): Gifford, Raskind


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Product Description

The first chapter of this Federal Antitrust Law: Cases and Materials book provides an historical review of antitrust law in terms of the political and economic ideas which have shaped it throughout its development. In the successive chapters, the authors provide a sense of the manner in which changes in the underlying economic analysis have shaped the application of the statutes by the enforcement agencies and the courts. The authors have addressed the antitrust issues raised by recent changes in technology, in the rise of global markets, and in the structure of health care markets by devoting three separate chapters to Intellectual Property, International Trade, and Health Care. Author Commentaries throughout the book are designed to probe the doctrinal and policy issues raised by the case excerpts. In keeping with the objective of providing the economic analysis that may amplify and clarify the legal and policy issues, the authors have also taken into account recent trends in the relevant economic literature.

Table of Contents includes:
Antitrust Law in Historical Perspective;
The Development of the Per Se Rule Condemning Price-Fixing Agreements;
Market Divisions;
Boycotts and Agreements Not To Deal;
Vertical Restraints;
Tying Arrangements;
Conspiracy, Cooperation and Integration;
Attempt to Monopolize;
Predatory Pricing;
Mergers and Acquisitions;
Price Discrimination and the Robinson-Patman Act;
The Trade/Antitrust Interface.


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Format Hardcover
Author Gifford, Raskind
ISBN 9781583607893
Edition 2nd ed., 2002
Publisher LexisNexis/Matthew Bender