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Employment Law (Rental)

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Edition: 3rd ed., 2013
Author(s): Carlson


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Product Description

When your course in employment or labor law is the only one you are likely to take, shouldn't it provide a balanced survey of key concepts and issues? This casebook is deliberately designed to highlight the breadth of the field, with a focus on the context of potential employment disputes, including formation of the employment relationship and questions of status, employee selection, compensation, supervision, discharge, and post-employment disputes. Employment Law presents up-to-date material on emerging areas: rights of undocumented workers abusive supervision work-family conflicts, including the FMLA work-civic duty conflicts, including USERRA disputes over post-employment competition arbitration.

Be sure to notice that this Employment Law casebook:

Completes the coverage of basic employment law for students who have already studied collective bargaining and employment discrimination;
Explores the context of potential employment disputes to help students grasp the wide range of issues that arise in the employment relationship;
Reviews important material on individual employee rights against wrongful discharge, background investigations (such as criminal background checks and drug tests), and disputes over compensation (both contractual and statutory), that is ordinarily excluded from collective bargaining and employment discrimination courses;
Supplements traditional collective bargaining and employment discrimination courses with a fuller treatment of important related topics.

Table of Contents includes:
The Indefinite Contract of Employment
Who Is an Employee And Who Is the Employer? The Employee/Independent Contractor Problem Who Can Be Employed? Who Is the Employer?
Selection of Employees; Duties to Third Parties in the Selection of Employees; Statutory Prohibitions Against Employment Discrimination; Beyond Discrimination: Inaccuracy and Intrusion; Screening Employers: Placement Agencies;
Compensation and Benefits; Contractual Rights; Statutory Minimums and Remedies; Deferred and Contingent Compensation;
Work Place Safety and Health; Workplace Safety and Health at the Beginning of the Modern Regulatory Era; Compensation for Work-Related Injuries; Preventive Regulation: Occupational Safety and Health Law;
Management and Supervision of the Workforce; Common Law Liability for Actions of Negligently Supervised Employees; Emotional Abuse Investigation and Surveillance;
Accommodating Personal, Family, and Civic Needs; The Family and Medical Leave Act; Military and Other Public Service; Personal Lifestyle and Off-Duty Conduct; Political, Social, and Religious Causes;
Employment Security; Contractual Employment Security; Alternative Job Security Schemes; Protecting Public Interests; Mass Discharge; Unemployment Compensation;
Post Termination Relations; Defamation; Rights with Respect to Ideas, Inventions and Information; The Duty of Loyalty; Agreements Not to Compete;
Resolution of Disputes Release or Settlement of Claims Arbitration.


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Format Hardcover
Author Carlson
ISBN 9781454816072
Edition 3rd ed., 2013
Publisher Aspen Publishing