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Employment Law: Cases and Materials (Rental)

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Edition: 5th ed., 2012
Author(s): Willborn, Schwab, Burton


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Product Description

Employment Law: Cases and Materials continues to be an exciting and fast-moving area of law, in both the courts and academia. Throughout, the authors address the proper roles of economic incentives and legal regulations in achieving desirable outcomes in the workplace, encourage students to question common assumptions underlying authority in the workplace, discuss simple rules and effective rules and their contrast, and examine the varied legal responses to problems in the workplace. Adaptable to a three- or four-hour course, this casebook contains few internal cross-references so that chapters can be taught out of sequence without damage to the overall integrity of the course.

Table of Contents includes:
Themes Of Employment Law;
Legal Boundaries Of The Employment Relationship;
Enforcement Of Employment Rights;
Historical Foundations Of Employment At Will;
Contract Erosions Of Employment At Will;
Tort Erosions Of Employment At Will;
Good Faith Limitations On Employment At Will;
The Future Of Wrongful Discharge Law;
Employee Free Speech And Political Protections;
Employee Privacy Rights On And Off The Job;
Employer References - Defamation And Other Torts;
Duty Of Loyalty And Trade Secrets;
Enforcement Of Noncompetition Clauses;
Employee Inventions;
Policy Rationales For Prohibitions On Status Discrimination;
Legal Models Of Discrimination;
Applying The Legal Models Of Discrimination;
Wages And Hours Legislation;
Unemployment And Unemployment Insurance;
Employer-Provided Health Insurance;
The Prestatutory Approaches;
Workers' Compensation;
The Occupational Safety And Health Act;
Rethinking The Approaches To Workplace Injuries And Diseases.


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Format Hardcover
Author Willborn, Schwab, Burton
ISBN 9781422490785
Edition 5th ed., 2012
Publisher LexisNexis/Matthew Bender