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Perspectives on Contract Law

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Edition: 4th ed., 2009
Author(s): Barnett


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Flexible enough to be used with any casebook, this popular reader, Perspectives on Contract Law brings coherence and clarity to an often confusing area. Every element of this book strengthens student understanding:
Noted author Randy Barnett brings first-hand knowledge of what works in the classroom, as well as his recognized legal scholarship logical, modular organization makes sense to students and allows instructors to use any Contracts coursebook;
Collected readings reflect a diversity of theorists and approaches;
Original introductory text frames each chapter and offers tools for analysis;
Short, one-paragraph Study Guides focus on central themes and stimulate student thought.

Table of Contents includes:
How Should Damages for Breach of Contract be Measured?;
Are Some Breaches of Contract Efficient?;
When Should Courts Order Specific Performance?;
Does a Promise Differ from an Offer?;
Is There a Duty to Negotiate a Contract in Good Faith?;
When Should Parol Evidence of Contracting Parties' Intentions Be Considered by a Court?;
How Should Courts Use Business Norms to Construe Written Terms?;
How Has Modern Technology Affected Mutual Assent?;
Which Commitments Should Be Enforced?;
Does the Doctrine of Consideration Have a Function?;
Should the "Intention to Create Legal Relations" Be a Criterion of Enforceability?;
Is the Doctrine of Promissory Estoppel About Protecting Reliance?;
What Constitutes Good Faith Performance?;
When Is a Breach Material?;
When Should a Court Refuse to Enforce a Contract?;
Should Courts Adjust Contract Terms to Handle Changed Circumstances?;
What is the Rational Theory of Contract?


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Format Paperback
Author Barnett
ISBN 9780735582972
Edition 4th ed., 2009
Publisher Aspen Publishing