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International Tax and Estate Planning: A Practical Guide for Multinational Investors #591

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Edition: 3rd ed., 2016


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Product Description

This authoritative and completely updated new edition takes you step-by-step through all the factors you must consider to achieve predictable, wealth-preserving results in international tax and estate planning. You'll find out how to minimize taxes, ensure the desired disposition of property, protect confidentiality, maintain the security of the estate, and even manage assets in the event of incapacity of the principal.

Published in looseleaf format and updated bi-annually by the Practising Law Institute, International Tax & Estate Planning is filled with insightful strategies for preserving the estate. Find out how to protect against nightmarish complexities of renvoi, forced heirship in civil law jurisdictions, and the negative impact of common law. You'll also get expert tax-advantaged strategies for leveraging assets, such as use of a transient posture to reduce future taxes and protective devices for corporations based in financially attractive, but potentially unstable, foreign states.

You'll find answers to such critical questions as:

How can a multinational investor protect investments against government expropriation or nationalization?;
What impact will proposed Treasury Regulations have on international estate planning?;
How can problems such as forced heirship and common law rules be minimized or avoided?;
How can conflict of law between sovereignties be handled?;
What steps can be taken to ensure predictability?

International Tax & Estate Planning presents the clear and practical approach of a person who deals with private wealth, its management and its disposition. It is an indispensable resource for lawyers, private bankers (both investment and commercial), accountants, and investment advisors.

Table of Contents includes:
Conflict of Laws;
Federal Estate and Gift Taxation of U.S. Citizens Living Outside the U.S. and Resident Aliens;
Federal Estate and Gift Taxation of Nonresident Aliens;
Jointly Held and Community Property;
Sovereign Risks, Expropriation and the Act of State Doctrine;
Bank Confidentiality;
Wills, Administration and the Revenue Law Doctrine.

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ISBN 9780872240926
Edition 3rd ed., 2016
Publisher Practising Law Institute