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Fleming's Exam Solution: Performance Exam Solution For The Bar Exam Audio Program (Audio Download & PDF Outline)

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Edition: Audio 2013, PDF 2012
Author(s): Fleming


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Product Description

The Fleming's Performance Exam Solution For The Bar Exam Audio Program is a four-hour introductory course, presented on audio CD, structured to teach you not only what the Performance Examination testing format requires, but also how to develop the analytical, organizational, and writing techniques necessary to produce a superior Performance Examination answer. Included with The Performance Exam Solution is a comprehensive written outline designed to accompany the recorded lecture. Six practice Performance examinations are also included. This combination gives you the most advanced program kit available on the market to help you prepare for the Performance Examination in the comfort of your own surroundings and at your own pace.

Applicable for the Multistate Performance Test (MPT) and the California Performance Test.

The Fleming's Performance Exam Solution For The Bar Exam Audio Program offers:

A 4 Hour Audio CD Lecture on the Fundamentals of the Performance Examination;
A Complete Written Performance Exam Solution® Course Outline;
8 Hypothetical Performance Examinations - Four 3-hour and Four 90-miniute Exams
Model Outlines and Model Answers for Each of the Included 6 Performance Examinations;
Methods for Interpreting the Calls of the Question;
Methods for Identifying and Isolating Information that is Most Important in the Performance Examination, both Factually and Legally;
Methods for Proper Outlining;
Methods for Gathering Factual and Legal Data Contained in the Performance Examination Materials;
Time Allocation Techniques;
Effective Writing Instruction

Available immediately for instant download, the Fleming's Exam Solution® Series, Digital Download Version is a complete library of .mp3 lectures with accompanying paperback substantive outlines in PDF format designed to accompany each audio lecture. This combination provides students with a powerful and flexible tandem of legal learning tools.

Each Fleming's Exam Solution audio subject is 3 1/2 to 5 hours in length. The lectures are structured to teach you not only the substantive law for the course but also legal approaches and writing techniques necessary to produce a superior legal examination answer. The first 3 hours of each CD is a comprehensive review of the substantive law. This is followed by 45 minutes to one hour of instruction on issue spotting, legal application and legal examination writing. Numerous hypotheticals are presented demonstrating how "out of the facts the issues arise" and how to apply the rules of law to those issues. Memory retention devices are utilized throughout, enabling you to not only learn the law with its application, but to easily remember it.

The Fleming's Exam Solution® Series, Digital Download Version offers:
Multi-Hour In-Depth Review of The Substantive Law;
45 Minutes to One Hour Instruction on Issue Spotting, Legal Application and Legal Writing;
Complete Written Substantive Law Course Outline in PDF format;
Three Hypothetical Exams ­ Two Reviewed on .mp3 lecture. Sample Written Model Answer (in PDF outline) for Third Hypothetical Exam;
Approaches to the Substantive Law (unique to that subject);
Approaches to Examination Writing;
Memory Retention Devices (designed for each course)

Topics covered include:
Intentional Torts
Negligence-Causation Emphasis
and more!

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Format Audio-Download
Author Fleming
ISBN 9781932440669A
Edition Audio 2013, PDF 2012
Publisher Flemings