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Estates in Land and Future Interests: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Edition: 4th ed., 2013
Author(s): Edwards


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Product Description

With Estates in Land and Future Interests: A Step-by-Step Guide, author Linda H. Edwards gives students the extra help they need to understand this particularly difficult area.

The book is carefully crafted to demystify the subject:
One central graphic, a laminated flow chart available with the book, identifies the state of the title after a particular conveyance and links various estates to the future interests that follow them;
Uses a step-by-step, process approach to break analytical tasks into smaller, more manageable stages and avoid overwhelming the student;
Clear, simple language and short paragraphs and chapters make the text accessible. An open, attractive design enhanced by graphics facilitates understanding;
Opportunities for students to actively engage in the material include problem sets (and answers), study questions, and practice exercises. These tools help students gain experience as they acquire knowledge;
A special Vocabulary Appendix allows students a quick and easy way to review specific terms.

Table of Contents inlcude:
Introduction to the Study of Estates and Future Interests;
Possessory Estates;
Limitations Added to Possessory Estates;
Future Interests Retained by the Grantor;
Estates Followed by Remainders;
Executory Interests;
Accounting for Additional Future Interests;
Shifting and Springing Executory Interests;
Review of Future Interests in a Second Grantee and the Estates They Follow;
Post-Conveyance Factual Developments;
More Efforts to Further Alienability;
The Infamous Rule Against Perpetuities;
Applying the Rule Against Perpetuities;
Relief from the Rule Against Perpetuities;
Putting It All Together;
Appendix A: Outline for Analyzing Conveyances;
Appendix B: Vocabulary;
Appendix C: Answers to Practice Exercises and Study Questions


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Format Paperback
Author Edwards
ISBN 9781454825104
Edition 4th ed., 2013
Publisher Aspen Publishing