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Emanuel's Bootcamp for the MBE Set

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Edition: Various
Author(s): Emanuel


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Introducing Steve Emanuel's Bootcamp for the MBE consists of a five step plan to get you test-ready.

STEP 1 - Self-Assessment A 200-question "MBE Self-Assessment Test" together with detailed explanatory answers, specifically written and tailored to maximize performance on the upcoming bar exam. These explanatory answers - together with our course materials will help you master the fine-line distinctions, subtleties, and black-letter rules that are most frequently tested on the MBE.

STEP 2 - Targeted Learning 6 Bootcamp for the MBE Topic Outlines - Criminal Law and Procedure, Contracts, Constitutional Law, Evidence, Torts, Real Property - will cover all the substantive rules of law the MBE examiners test in the various subject areas. These outlines remove the topics and rules of law that may have been important in your law school course but are not tested on the MBE. Each outline also includes 33 questions extracted from the 200-Question Self-Assessment test with model answers.

STEP 3 - Knowledge Test Bootcamp for the MBE: Simulated Questions and Answers gives you a full 200 question test that has the same distribution of subjects as a "real" MBE. Many of the questions are based on actual questions that have appeared on past MBEs. Explanatory answers have been researched and written to ensure accuracy.

STEP 4 - Refining Trouble Spots 2 Volumes of Emanuel Essentials feature MBE-format questions and answers organized by sub-topic to allow focus on your weaknesses after completion of the Simulated MBE. STEP 5 - Final Review Emanuel Confidential booklet includes the most useful material for condensed study in the final weeks before you take the MBE.


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Author Emanuel
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