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Emanuel Law Outlines: Torts

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Edition: 10th ed., 2015
Author(s): Emanuel


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Product Description

Emanuel Law Outlines: Torts is a law school outline covering the principles of Torts from one of the biggest names in law school study aids. You've seen your classmates pore through them and soon you'll know why: Emanuel Law Outlines are among the very best commercial legal study guides available.

The reason: Steve Emanuel and his team of sharp legal experts put into each Emanuel Law Outline the crucial essentials of what you need to know about law in order for you to succeed. They tell you how law professors test and what they test on and for each individual legal topic they present the key information in a form that's concise and astonishingly comprehensible.

Torts topics covered include:
Intentional Torts Against the Person: "Intent" Defined; Nominal and Punitive Damages; Scope of Liability; Battery; Assault; False Imprisonment; Mental Distress; Intentional Interference with Property: Land Trespass, Trespass to Chattles; Conversion Defenses to Intentional Torts: Consent, Self-Defense, Defense of Others, Defense of Property; Arrest; Authority of Law; Justification; Negligence Generally: Components; Unreasonable Risk; Reasonable Person; Rules Governing Behavior; Malpractice; Violation of Statutes; Jury Trials; Res Ipsa Loquitur; Actual & Proximate Cause: Causation in Fact, Foreseeability, Intervening Cause; Joint Tortfeasors: Liability, Satisfaction, Release, Contribution; Indemnity Duty: Failure to Act; Effect of Contract; Mental Suffering; Unborn Children; Pure Economic Loss Owners and Occupiers of Land: Outside Premises, Injuries on Premises, Trespassers, Licensees, Invitees; Rejection of Categories; Lessors & Lessees; Vendor & Vendees; Damages: Personal Injury, Punitive, Recovery by Spouse of Children Wrongful Death Actions; Defenses in Negligence Actions: Contributory, Comparative, Assumption of Risk, Immunities; Vicarious Liability: Employer-Employee, Independent Contractors, Joint Enterprise; Strict Liability: Animals, Abnormally Dangerous Activities, Limitations on Strict Liablity; Worker's Compensation; Products Liability: Negligence, Warranty, Strict Liability, Duty to Warn, Designer Defects; Defenses; Statute of Limitations; Nuisance: Public, Private; Misrepresentation; Defamation.

Special features include:
At the end of each chapter, special Exam Tips on how to spot the key issues, what's most frequently tested, how to structure and phrase your answers . . . and more;
An up-to-date capsule summary summarizing the entire subject for night-before-the-exam review;
Essay, short-answer, and MBE-style multiple-choice exam questions and answers to completely drill the concepts into your head.

If you're looking for a superb study guide, we highly recommend the Emanuel Law Outline series!


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Format Paperback
Author Emanuel
ISBN 9781454840916
Edition 10th ed., 2015
Publisher Aspen Publishing