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Emanuel Law Outlines


Emanuel Law Outlines








You've probably seen your law school peers using  Emanuel Law Outlines and soon you'll know why:  these law school study aids are among the very best commercial legal study guides available and the Emanuel name is nearly synonymous with law school study aids.

Each Emanuel Law Outline contains the essentials of what you need to know about law in order for you to ace your law school exams. These law school study aids show you how law professors test and what they test on. For each individual legal topic Emanuel Law Outlines present the key information in a form that's concise and astonishingly comprehendible.

At the end of each chapter in these books, you'll find special law school exam Tips on how to spot key issues, what's most frequently tested, how to structure and phrase your answers. You'll also find an up-to-date capsule summary summarizing the entire subject for night-before-the-exam review, as well as essay, short-answer, and MBE-style multiple-choice exam questions and answers to completely drill the concepts into your head. Click a link below for the legal topic you are interested in learning more about: