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Casenote Legal Briefs: Criminal Law

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Edition: 2016, keyed 7th ed. casebook
Author(s): Dressler cases


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Product Description

For over two decades, Casenote Legal Briefs have helped hundreds of thousands of students prepare for classes and exams year after year with unparalleled results! Each Casenote Legal Briefs title has the advantage of being keyed to a specific law school casebook: so you get information on the cases you study in class, not on the cases you don’t!

Known throughout the law school community as high-quality legal study aids, this popular series of law school briefs are among the most comprehensive legal briefs available today.

With over 100 Casenote Legal Brief titles published today in all key areas, ranging from Administrative Law to Wills, Trusts, and Estates, each and every Casenote offers:

Professionally written briefs of the cases in your casebook;
Coverage that is accurate and up-to-date editor's analysis explaining the relevance of each case to the course;
Coverage built on decades of experience the highest commitment to quality.

Cases Covered Include:
Alkhabaz, United States v.; Alston, State v.; Anderson, People v.; Attorney General for Jersey v. Holley; Azim, Commonwealth v.; Bailey v. Commonwealth.; Banks, In re; . Barber v. Superior Court; Beardsley, People v.; Berkowitz, Commonwealth v.; Berry v. Superior Court; Boro v. Superior Court; Braverman v. United States; Brooks v. State; Brown, People v.; Bruce v. State; Carter, People v.; Casassa, People v.; Ceballos, People v.; Cheek v. United States; Chicago, City of, v. Morales; Christy Pontiac-GMC, Inc., State v.; Clark v. Arizona; Coker v. Georgia; Conley, People v.; Contento-Pachon, United States v.; Cook, Commonwealth v.; Cordoba-Hincapie, United States v.; Cotton, State v.; Czubinski, United States v.; Davis, People v.; Devon T., In re; Du, People v.; Eulo, People v.; Ewing v. California; Forrest, State v.; Foster, People v.; Foster, United States v.; Freeman, United States v.; Fuller, People v.; Garnett v. State; Gebardi v. United States; Gementera, United States v.; Genoa, People v.; Gentry, People v.; Girouard v. State; Goetz, People v.; Graves, Commonwealth v.; Green, State v.; Gregg v. Georgia; Guthrie, State v.; Helmenstein, State v.; Hernandez, State v.; Herndon, State v.; Hoselton, State v.; Howard, People v.; Iannelli v. United States; Ingram, People v.; Johnson, State v.; John Z., People v.; Kargar, State v.; Keeler v. Superior Court; Kibbe v. Henderson; Kilgore v. State; Koczwara, Commonwealth v.; Kurr, People v.; Latimer v. The Queen; Lauria, People v.; Lee v. State; Linscott, State v.; Lopez, United States v.; Lund v. Commonwealth; Mafnas, United States v.; Mandujano, United States v.; Mann, State v.; Marrero, People v.; Martin v. State; McCleskey v. Kemp; McCloskey, Commonwealth v.; McCoy, People v.; Meagan R., In re; Midgett v. State; Miller, People v.; Mochan, Commonwealth v.; Morris, United States v.; Nations, State v.; Navarro, People v.; Nelson v. State; New Jersey in the Interest of M.T.S., State of; Nieto Benitez, People v.; Norman, State v.; Owens v. State; Oxendine v. State; Patterson v. New York; Payne v. Tennessee; Peaslee, Commonwealth v.; Peterson, United States v.; Pinkerton v. United States; Powell v. Texas; Queen, The v. Dudley and Stephens; Ragland, State v.; Reeves, State v.; Regina v. Cunningham; Rex v. Bazeley; Rex v. Chisser; Rex v. Pear; Riley v. State; Rizzo, People v.; Robertson, People v.; Robinson v. California; Rose, State v.; Rusk v. State; Rusk, State v.; Schoon, United States v.; Sconce, People v.; Sherry, Commonwealth v.; Sophophone, State v.; Staples v. United States; Superior Court (Du), People v.; Swain, People v.; Tennessee v. Garner; Thousand, People v.; Tison v. Arizona; Topolewski v. State; Unger, People v.; Utter, State v.; Vaillancourt, State v.; Velazquez v. State; Wanrow, State v.; Ward, State v.; Whight, People v.; Wilcox v. Jeffery; Wilhelm, People v.; Williams, State v.; Wilson,


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Format Paperback
Author Dressler cases
ISBN 9781454883142
Edition 2016, keyed 7th ed. casebook
Publisher Aspen Publishing