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Business Law: Principles and Cases in the Legal Environment

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Edition: 2nd ed., 2014
Author(s): Davidson, Forsythe, Knowles


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Product Description

Divided into nine parts, each devoted to a specific area of the law, this comprehensive business law book provides detailed and readable coverage of all the areas typically included in a legal environment survey course.

Well-written and comprehensive, this text offers:

  • User-friendly text, written in an informal style and avoiding "black letter law" statements whenever possible.
  • A continuing thread case that ties the materials together. Each chapter begins with an “Agenda” that highlights the major legal issues from the chapter that are likely to be relevant to this hypothetical case. The case involves three students starting their own business (a software venture called eClass). Throughout the book, application and ethical questions address particular legal issues and call for students to offer guidance to the firm.
  • A classic case and a contemporary case in each chapter. Additional cases will be included on the companion website.
  • Helpful discussion questions, case problems, and writing assignments at the end of each chapter.
  • Exhibits throughout the book that help make the concepts easier to understand
  • A flexible organization, with numerous parts, that provides a wide array of possible course coverage. Many topics offer more chapters than the typical legal environment book.
  • A companion website that will include additional information and links to enhance the book's coverage.

Business Law: Principles and Cases in the Legal Environment presents a scholarly, in-depth, and comprehensive approach to business law that is clear, understandable, and accessible.


PART I. Foundations of Law and the U.S. Legal System

1. Introduction to Law 
2. Business Ethics 
3. The U.S. Legal System and Court Jurisdiction 
4. Dispute Resolution 
5. Constitutional Regulation of Business 
6. Torts 
7. Crimes and Business 
8. International Law

PART II. Contracts

9. Introduction to Contract Law and Contract Theory 
10. Contractual Formation: Offer, Acceptance, and Consideration 
11. Elements that Can Negate a Contract: Capacity, Reality of Consent, and Illegality 
12. Writings and Interpretation of a Contract 
13. The Rights of Third Parties; Assignments and Delegations 
14. Discharges and Remedies

PART III. Sales and Leases

15. Formation of the Sales Contract: Contracts for Leasing Goods 
16. Title and Risk of Loss 
17. Performance and Remedies 
18. Warranties and Product Liability

PART IV. Negotiables

19. Introduction to Negotiables: UCC Article 3 and Article 7 
20. Negotiability 
21. Negotiation and Holders in Due Course Holders by Due Negotiation 
22. Negotiables: Liability and Discharge 
23. Bank-Customer Relations/Electronic Funds Transfers

PART V. Debtor-Creditor Relations

24. Secured Transactions. Interests and Perfection 
25. Secured Transactions. Priorities and Enforcement 
26. Other Credit Transactions 
27. Bankruptcy

PART VI. Agency

28. Agency: Creation and Termination 
29. Agency: Liability for Contracts 
30. Agency: Liability for Torts and Crimes

PART VII. Business Organizations

31. Formation of a Business 
32. Operation of a Business Organization 
33. Business Terminations and Other Extraordinary Events 
34. Securities Regulation

PART VIII. Government Regulation of Business

35. Antitrust Law 
36. Consumer Protection 
37. Environmental Protection 
38. Labor and Fair Employment Practices

PART IX. Property Protection

39. Real Property and Joint Ownership 
40. Intellectual Property, Computers, and the Law



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Format Hardcover
Author Davidson, Forsythe, Knowles
ISBN 9781454838777
Edition 2nd ed., 2014
Publisher Aspen Publishing