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Bar Secrets: The California-Specific Subjects

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Edition: 3rd ed., 2011
Author(s): Saccuzzo, Johnson


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This Bar Secrets: The California-Specific Subjects provides schematic overviews for all 7 California-specific subjects - civil procedure, corporations, professional responsibility, remedies, community property, wills, and trusts. Within these overviews are every major California-specific subject issue that has appeared on the California Bar exam during the last 10 years. A thorough knowledge of these issues is essential for passing the California Bar exam because these issues and issue clusters tend to be repeatedly tested.

Each of the 7 schematic overviews begins with the simplest, broadest categorization of the law. Each has from 2 to 14 broad categories, referred to as level one. For example, level one for community property consists of five broad topics:(1) basic definitions, (2) legal presumptions and rules, (3) central issues, (4) involvement of third parties, and (5) distribution of assets. Any issue in community property can fit into one of these five categories. Prior to taking the California Bar exam you must have at your fingertips each of these broad categories. They provide the cues for retrieving the more specific information that follows.

Following the level one outline, there is a second outline that again lists each of the major broad categories. Each broad category is then connected to two or more major issues. This outline is referred to as level two. Level two contains all of the major issues that you'll be expected to spot on the California Bar exam. Again, you must have each of these issues at your fingertips while taking the bar exam.

Following levels one and two are the details, definitions, and major rules of law associated with each of the basic issues. These details are referred to as level three. It is necessary for you to have a recall knowledge of each of the rules of law contained in level three. You must also know, and be able to communicate, the effect of any rule of law.

Each of the Bar Secrets single-subject books contain a unique Bar Secrets outline/flow chart accompanied by model essays that illustrate how the law should be applied and written. Each book shows the structure and organization of the law (rules, exceptions, definitions, standards, elements, factors, presumptions, and tests) in a concise format that serves as both a learning and memorization tool.


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Format Paperback
Author Saccuzzo, Johnson
ISBN 9781933089317
Edition 3rd ed., 2011
Publisher BarSecrets