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Counter Terrorism Law

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Edition: 2nd ed., 2012
Author(s): Dycus, Banks, Raven-Hansen


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Product Description

Counter Terrorism Law is a detailed survey of United States law governing the definition, detection, detention, interrogation, and prosecution of terrorists. Also covered is the availability and legal use of armed force, civil liability, and economic sanctions against terrorism and its state sponsors. A solid fit for an advanced course in National Security Law, Constitutional Law, or Civil Rights, this comprehensive text organizes the rapidly growing body of Counter Terrorism law into discrete, coherent, and pedagogically efficient segments.

This outstanding text offers an abundance of great features. Specifically, it:

Organizes Counter Terrorism law into separate, coherent, and pedagogically efficient parts;
Adapts to multiple learning environments, including seminars and courses with limited class hours;
Covers not only core issues of detention, interrogation and law enforcement, but also related issues such as data-mining, screening, continuity of government, civil liability, targeted killing, and sanctions.

Table of Contents includes:

Defining Terrorism;
Designating Foreign Terrorist Organizations and State Sponsors;
The Fourth Amendment and National Security;
Congressional Authority for National Security Surveillance;
Collecting and Mining Third-Party Records;
Screening for Security;
Organizing and Coordinating Counter Terrorism Investigations;
Investigating Abroad;
Civil Detention of Terrorist Suspects;
Suspending the Great Writ;
Military Detention of Terrorist Suspects and Enemy Combatants;
Interrogating Terrorist Suspects;
Criminalizing Terrorism and Material Support;
Using Secret Evidence;
Trying Terrorists by Military Commission;
Coping With WMD Attacks;
Using the Military at Home;
Maintaining Continuity of Government;
Shooting Back: Self-Defense and Rescue;
Targeted Killing;
Suing Terrorists;
Imposing Sanctions on Sponsors of Terrorism.


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Format Hardcover
Author Dycus, Banks, Raven-Hansen
ISBN 9780735598638
Edition 2nd ed., 2012
Publisher Aspen Publishing